Frequently Asked Questions | Betagbedu How To

We made a crafty List of Most asked Questions About Betagbedu.com

Read below, Perhaps you will find an answer

When was Betagbedu.com Founded ?

Nov 20th 2019

Who Founded Betagbedu.com ?

Akudu Bright & Erhenede Oghenetega Joseph

What Services Does Betagbedu Offer ?

We offer Free Download of South African Songs

Do Betagbedu Publish Music Albums ?

Yes, We Promote and Upload Albums Strictly South African Album In Downloadable Formats

Is Betagbedu Affiliated to Betagbedu ?

Hell, No we are a company of Our Own, Founded in 2019 By Akudu Bright and Erhenede Oghenetega Joseph

Do Betagbedu Promote Songs?

Yes, Contact us on Whatsapp via 2349035429472 For your Music Promotion

Do Betagbedu Promote Artists ?

Yes We do, Contact Us Today Let's Max Out

How Recent are Your Songs ?

Betagbedu.com Offers Latest Mp3 Music Downloads to South africans. We are never Late to Publish a song

How Do i upload My song to Betagbedu ?

Write your Song title, Description and Upload the mp3 file to our email and we will Publish it in less than 24 hours. [email protected]